Why use powder coating

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Why use powder coating


What Is Powder Coating?

Aluminium Slats and Gate Powder coating is a finishing process where a colour or coating is applied to an unfinished part. A coloured powder is sprayed on the part using a magnetically charged spray gun. The coated part is then placed in an oven where the powder melts into an even, solid coat across the entire surface of the part. 

Why Use Powder Coating?

Powder coating has a number of advantage over traditional wet paint. A powder coated finish generally lasts longer and is more rugged than paint. Many common items like bicycle frames, wheel rims, aluminium slats and handrails are powder coated because it significantly reduces wear and tear.

Applying the powder and fixing mistakes are much easier. A typical training session to learn how to powder coat will only take a couple hours. And, since the powder has to be baked on to the part, if you notice any errors before curing, fixes are as easy as wiping the part down and spraying the part again. Wet paint touch-up work can take a long time and be very expensive – powder coating is cheaper to apply, costs less for training, and requires less time to master techniques.

Finally, powder coating is environmentally friendly. Combined with being cheaper to apply and easier to use, this is why many businesses have added powder coating to their offerings, and why the demand for powder coating is currently so high.

Advantages Of Powder Coating

Coating provides some tangible benefits over traditional wet paint finishing:

Powder Coating Provides A Better, More Durable Finish

If you have a part that has to hold up to a lot of handling  – or you just don’t want to constantly repaint it – powder coating is a much more durable finishing process that is highly resistant to scuffing , chipping and normal wear and tear. This is why handrails (the stair rails you see at bus stops and courthouses) are powder coated now instead of painted. Many different types of finishes are now available with powder coating than ever before and wide range of products can have their lifespans dramatically increased by switching to powder.

A Much Safer And Cleaner Process – For The Environment And You

If you are worried about the environmental impact of powder coating, set your mind at ease; powder coating is an eco-friendly alternative to wet paint. The powder used in powder coating is safe to handle and produces none of the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that wet paint does. Wet paint VOCs deplete ozone and contribute to air pollution – powder doesn’t. If you are working with powder, you won’t have to use chemical paint thinners to fix mistakes. And overspray – the left over powder – can be easily recycled or disposed of without a bunch of chemical treatment.

Cheaper & Easier To Use

With a little bit of training and practice, it’s very easy to apply a consistent coat of whatever thickness you want onto your part. This is due to the electrostatic charge of the powder. Mistakes are easy to fix before curing. If you plan on using a lot of the same color, the powder you use can be reclaimed. The process itself is usually faster than wet paint and can increase your productivity, and the cost to operate the equipment can be significantly less than other finishing processes. For a more in-depth breakdown on how powder coating can be cheaper to run than you think.

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