Perimeter fencing and gates are the most common form of perimeter barrier or control and is important to keep your premises completely secure.

In high security establishments, the first step in Perth Fencing Centre designing a perimeter barrier is to define the target being protected as well as the potential intruder so systematic measures can be put in place to deny the intruder his objective.

In addition to defining the physical limits of a facility and controlling access, a perimeter security fence or barrier also creates a physical and psychological deterrent to unauthorised entry, often putting off or delaying an attempt to break in and making the possibility of detection and apprehension more likely. It helps security staff control access and assists in directing the flow of persons and vehicles through designated entrances.

To keep an intruder from completing his sequence of tasks to get to his target, Perth Fencing Centre's designers look at site protection as a series of perimeters. It is very important to have everything working together - detection, assessment and barriers that will allow enough time to prevent an intruder from reaching his objective - which will be different for each site.

For many years Perth Fencing Centre has provided a range of security fences to protect premises around the Perth and WA other areas.

Benefits of Perimeter Security Fencing:

-Acts as a deterrent to intruders
-Prevents unauthorised vehicles and pedestrians entering the site
-Prevents the unauthorised removal of goods from site
-Increases the time it takes for intruders to breach security

What can Perth Fencing Centre offer you?

No two premises are the same. We will work with you to assess the range of factors unique to your premises, such as:

-The purpose of the fence
-The amount of traffic flow
-The vulnerable points of your property
-The likelihood of an intrusion
-The risk to personnel should security be breached

Perth Fencing Centre provides a comprehensive range of integrated security systems that are designed to detect intruders the second a premises security is breached or threatened. Perimeter protection is the first line of defense for providing physical security for a facility or premises.

Our experience and expertise helps clients choose the most effective commercial or residential security fencing for their specific, individual requirements.

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