Pedestrian Gate Maintaining the safety and security for residents is something property managers do have to take seriously. In order to keep the residents safe and free from unwanted solicitation, property managers utilize many things to keep out burglars and solicitors, such as motion detector lights, surveillance cameras and even guard towers. But one simple item to consider is adding a pedestrian gate.

A pedestrian gate is narrow opening that is just big enough for people to walk through it. They allow residents to enter a location or property through with the use of a key. These secure gates help protect the property from unwanted guests, including burglars and solicitors. While this may not seem like a lot of protection, the fact is surrounding fences and pedestrian gates reduce unauthorized foot traffic on to a property, especially late at night.

In addition to these pedestrian gates actually making an impact in preventing trespassers from entering your property, residents will have a sense of security when living or considering to move into your community. There are also many different types and styles of pedestrian gates, so you can certainly find one that will complement the look of your property.

If you want your tenants to be free of unwanted solicitation, feel safe, and most importantly be safe, have a pedestrian gate installed. Or if you already have one on your property, be sure to have it maintained regularly to avoid any problems with your gate to prevent an intruder or unwanted guest.

Benefits of a Pedestrian Gate

A stylish design focus for your property entrance way.
Can be manual, electronic or fully automated for hands free access (convenient for wheelchair access)
Additional security – restrict foot access to your property from trespassers or unsolicited visitors.
Multi functional: choose from no lock or lockable via key access, electronic latching, user pin, swipe card or intercom, making them an excellent addition to residential complexes.
Discreetly hide certain utility areas and equipment, such as bin spaces, mechanical equipment, water tanks and sheds.
Create privacy or partition areas to create defined spaces.

At Perth Fencing Centre, our Aluminium Pedestrian gates are elegant in their appearance and provide a cost effective and low maintenance alternative to timber. Made and designed in Australia. They assist in restricting UV light. Made from metal they offer obvious advantages over timber in case of fire. Their metal construction provides formidable strength and a deterrent against intruders. They are suitable for commercial and residential applications and can be made to suit any rectangular opening.

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