How to Clean and Maintain Aluminium Fencing

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How to Clean and Maintain Aluminium Fencing


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One of the biggest reasons aluminium fencing is the most popular fencing option that we sell here at Perth Fencing Centre is because they require virtually no upkeep.  Once your aluminium fence is installed many homeowners choose to set and forget, with the confidence their fence will stand strong and proud into the future without needing any extra care.

However, with that said there are some quick and steps you can take to keep a top notch appearance of your fence, and maintain the best possible condition for decades to come. We explain these fuss free fencing cleaning and maintenance tips in this post.


Part of what makes an aluminium fence virtually maintenance free is the powder coated finish which provides tough protection and no upkeep. Depending on the climate conditions and if there is low rainfall, or you live close to heavily industrial, coastal, or dusty areas, the surface can benefit from some periodic cleaning.

Here’s how to clean your aluminium fence:


1.    Spraying with a hose will remove most dirt, dust and residue. We recommend this for aluminium fence owners in coastal areas to remove abrasive salts which can accumulate over time.

2.     For more stubborn residue use a mild detergent wipe a cloth along the fence railings in warm soapy water. Do not use coarse sponges, brushes or solvents to clean the fence as this can scratch or dissolve the powder coated finish.


For some fence owners the brightness of the paintwork may become dull over time. While this is normal to a point from natural weathering effects, if this is a concern following the cleaning steps above can help to brighten fence panels.

Over time the natural aging process of the aluminium powder coat may involve some oxidisation, leaving a light chalky powder that forms on the surface – this can be more prevalent in areas of the fence which receive direct and consistent sunlight. To bring back the shine, rubbing car wax coated along fence railings will brighten the fence paintwork and provide some future protection against the elements.

Not all of these measures are 100 per cent necessary with aluminium fencing since unlike timber and wrought iron, aluminium fences are extremely maintenance and fuss free. However, at PFC we do understand how much pride people take in their fences in Perth, and if you’re lucky enough to have aluminium fencing, these measures will ensure you fence looks fantastic into the future!

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