Handrail and balustrades

Handrail and balustrades is widely seen in our daily life. No matter in the home, shopping mall, office building or other places, the handrail and balustrade can enter into our eyes.

Handrails and balustrades is mainly used for protect the security of people and prevent people from falling down to the ground. So, the material and structure is very important.

Additional, in the high-class places, the handrail and balustrade can become a decorative element, which can make the places be more attractive and beautiful.

What’s the difference between balustrades, banisters and handrails?

A balustrade would be made up of numerous vertical posts that are named balusters. These are connected together and spaced evenly apart. The current balustrade on your stairs will be found under the handrail. They can also be found in public parks and along landings.

Stair handrails and banisters are more or less the same thing. Both of these terms are used to describe  the railing that runs along the staircase. These essentially have three main purposes: Decorative appeal, Safety, Stability.

To actually distinguish the two from one another, think that handrails can be found anywhere – e.g. in baths and showers – while banisters will only be found on staircases.

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All work is guaranteed to comply with Australian Building Regulations.

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