Perth Fencing Centre is the preferred Aluminium fencing and gates supplier and installer for many Perth households, businesses and fencing contractors. Being the supplier and the installer means we are able to provide our clients with the peace of mind in the knowledge that they will receive a high quality product with an amazing finish at an affordable price.

Here you can view some of our recent projects. Contact Us to find out how we can help you with your next project.

Photo Gallery

Colorbond Gate-4Colorbond Gate-1Colorbond Gate-2Colorbond Gate-3Colorbond Gate-5
Weldless single gate-Powder Coated slats-3Weldless single gate-Powder Coated slats-4Weldless single gate-Wooden Grain Slats-1Weldless single gate-Wooden Grain Slats-2
Welded frame single gate-Wooden Grain Slats-9Welded frame single gate-Wooden Grain Slats-5Welded frame single gate-Wooden Grain Slats-8Welded frame single gate-Powder Coated Slats-11Welded frame single gate-Powder Coated Slats-4Welded frame single gate-Powder Coated Slats-10Welded frame single gate-Powder Coated Slats-1Welded frame single gate-Powder Coated Slats-2Welded frame single gate-Powder Coated Slats-3Welded frame single gate-Powder Coated Slats-7Welded frame single gate-Vertical Slats-6single gate Vertical SlatsWelded frame single gate-Laser Cut Panel-12
Double Swing Wooden Grain Slats-4Double Swing Wooden Grain Slats-5Double Swing Wooden Grain Slats-6OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADouble Swing Wooden Grain Slats-7Double Swing Wooden Grain Slats-9Double Swing Wooden Grain Slats-10Doulbe Gate_Vertical SlatsDouble Swing Powder Coated Slats-11Double Swing Powder Coated Slats-13Double Swing Powder Coated Slats-12Double Swing Powder Coated Slats-14Double Swing Powder Coated Slats-15Double Swing Gates-Colorbond-1Double Swing Gates-Colorbond-2Double Swing Gates-Colorbond-3Double Swing Mix featured-16Double Swing Laser Cut Panel-17Double Swing Gate-Automated -19Double Swing Gate-Automated -18Double Swing Gate-Automated -20
Gate With Side Panel-Wooden Grain-18Gate With Side Panel-Wooden Grain-17Gate With Side Panel-Wooden Grain-16Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-13Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-14Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-15Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-1Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-2Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-3Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-4Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-6Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-7Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-8Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-9Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-10Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-11Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-12Gate With Side Panel-Powder Coated-5
Sliding Gate-Wooden Grain Slats-10Sliding Gate-Wooden Grain Slats-11Sliding Gate-Wooden Grain Slats-12Sliding Gate-Tubular-1Sliding Gate-Powder Coated Slats-2Sliding Gate-Powder Coated Slats-3Sliding Gate-Powder Coated Slats-4Sliding Gate-Powder Coated Slats-5Sliding Gate-Powder Coated Slats-6Sliding Gate-Powder Coated Slats-8Sliding Gate-Powder Coated Slats-7Sliding Gate-Gate in Gate-18Sliding Gate-Gate in Gate-19Sliding Gate-Gate in Gate-20Sliding Gate-Laser Cut Panel-16Sliding Gate-Laser Cut Panel-17Sliding Gate-Vertical Slats-13Sliding Gate-Vertical Slats-14Sliding Gate-Vertical Slats-15
Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-3Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-1Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-2Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-4Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-5Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-6Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-7Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-8Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-9Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-10Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-11Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-12Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-13OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-15Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-18Fencing Infill-Wooden Grain Slats-21Fencing Infill-Wooden Grain Slats-22Fencing Infill-Wooden Grain Slats-24Fencing Infill-Wooden Grain Slats-25Fencing Infill-Wooden Grain Slats-27Fencing Infill-Wooden Grain Slats-28Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-20Fencing Infill-Powder Coated Slats-19Slats fencing-45Picket Fence Aluminiumfencing infill-54fencing infill-55fencing infill-56fencing infill-57Slats fencing-44Slats fencing-46Slats fencing-47Slats fencing-48Slats fencing-49Slats fencing-50Slats fencing-51Slats fencing-52Slats fencing-53Slats fencing-54Tubular fence-1Tubular fence-2Tubular fence-3Tubular fence-4Tubular fence-5Tubular fence-6Tubular fence-7Tubular fence-8Tubular fence-9Tubular fence-10Tubular fence-12
Frameless Glass Pool Fence-2Frameless Glass Pool Fence-3Frameless Glass Pool Fence-14Frameless Glass Pool Fence-15Frameless Glass Pool Fence-1Frameless Glass Pool Fence-4Frameless Glass Pool Fence-5Frameless Glass Pool Fence-6Frameless Glass Pool Fence-7Frameless Glass Pool Fence-8OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrameless Glass Pool Fence-10Frameless Glass Pool Fence-11Frameless Glass Pool Fence-12Frameless Glass Pool Fence-13
Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-1Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-2Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-4Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-6Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-5Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-8Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-7Semi framelessglass and alloy pool fencing-9Semi Framless Glass Pool fence-3
Tubular Pool Fence-1Tubular Pool Fence-2Tubular Pool Fence-3Tubular Pool Fence-4Tubular Pool Fence-5Tubular Pool Fence-6Tubular Pool Fence-7
Frameless Glass Balustrade-Pin-Fixed-1Frameless Glass Balustrade-Pin-Fixed-2Frameless Glass Balustrade-Pin-Fixed-3Frameless Glass Balustrade-Pin-Fixed-4Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-5Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-6Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-7Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-8Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-9Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-10Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-11Frameless Glass Balustrade-Top Fixed-12
Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade-1Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade-2Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade-3Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade-4Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade-5Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade-6
Tubular Balustrade-1Tubular Balustrade-2Tubular Balustrade-3Tubular Balustrade-4Tubular Balustrade-5Tubular Balustrade-6Tubular Balustrade-7Tubular Balustrade-8Tubular Balustrade-9Tubular Balustrade-10Tubular Balustrade-11
Tubular Handrail-1Tubular Handrail-2Tubular Handrail-3Tubular Handrail-4Tubular Handrail-5Tubular Handrail-6Tubular Handrail-7Tubular Handrail-8Tubular Handrail-9Tubular Handrail-10Tubular Handrail-11Tubular Handrail-12PENTACON DIGITAL CAMERATubular Handrail-14Tubular Handrail-15Tubular Handrail-16Tubular Handrail-17Tubular Handrail-18Tubular Handrail-19Tubular Handrail-20Tubular Handrail-21
Louvred screens-1Louvred screens-2Louvred screens-3Louvred screens-4Louvred screens-5Louvred screens-6Louvred screens-7Louvred screens-8Louvred screens-9Louvred screens-10Louvred screens-11Louvred screens-12Louvred screens-13Louvred screens-14Louvred screens-15Louvred screens-16