Advantages of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is taking off as the preferred fencing solution for Australian homes. It has always been admired and envied, but many homeowners hesitated to look into glass fences to enclose their pool areas. Sometimes it was because they assumed it would be too expensive and sometimes they thought it would be too fragile for their rough and tumble families. Now that the word is out that glass pool fencing is both affordable and durable, pool owners are not hesitating anymore.

Why Go Glass

One of the advantages of glass pool fencing is that it gives you a completely unobstructed view. Because the glass panels are made of modern toughened safety glass, they can be very wide and only need to be fixed from their bases. This gives the entire fence a sleek, sophisticated look without sacrificing strength or security.

The secret to glass pool fencing is in the fittings. There are three methods of fixing glass panels securely from their bases:
Channel Fixing: While the pool is being built, channels are built into the concrete surrounding the pool. Then the glass panels are placed in the channels and grouted into place.

Standoff Fixing: a type of hardware that holds the glass away from a vertical surface such as the side of a flight of stairs, a balcony or a deck. It is rarely used as pool fencing unless it is for an "infinite" pool that is built against a wall.
Spigot Fixing: a fitting that is first fixed to the ground. Then the glass is secured to specially designed marine grade stainless steel "spigots." This type of fitting is ideal because it "floats" the glass about 50mm off of the ground, eliminating dirt and debris buildup and the accumulation of dirt on the bottom of the glass.

Perth Fencing Centre recommends spigot fixings whenever possible. PFC offers an exclusive Magna Hinge closing system for glass doors. These self-closing hinges close softly and securely and their stylish minimalist design complements a frameless glass pool fence perfectly.

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