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The importance of having a new fence when selling your property

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Modern Fence home

Moving home can be a stressful ordeal. With all the commotion moving home brings, it is likely that replacing the old fence in your backyard is the last thing on your mind. However, as you prepare to list your home on the market, building a new fence is one thing you shouldn’t overlook, here’s why:


Fences are in place for security and privacy, they reduce the risk of trespassing, making it clear that anything past the fence is private property. A new fence can give home buyers a feeling of added security, making your home more attractive.


As a physical barrier surrounding your property, your fence is prone to dents and scratches over time. Being outside 24/7, it is no surprise fences usually need replacing after a few years.

Putting your house on the market is like going to a job interview. In the same way that you put on your best work clothes and make yourself presentable before an interview, you should make your old house as attractive as possible before moving home. A fence can add great curb appeal to your property, improving potential buyers’ first impression of your home and adding value.


If you are thinking of moving home you’ll want to do as much as possible to ensure you get the best price for your property. Like all home improvements, a new fence can have a significant impact on your selling price by improving its appeal and attracting the right buyers. Some parents of small children and pet owners are willing to pay good money for the extra feeling of security around their loved ones.

Selling your house for the best price possible means getting it to look its best. Installing a new fence is an important step before moving home that can be a huge boost for your property.

It is important to ensure that the fence has council approval and be built by a registered builder. Perth Fencing Centre (PFC) has the most experienced engineers and installers to help you build a fence to suit your all kind of fence or balustrades.

This article was written in conjunction with removalist company Hire A Mover.

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Benefits of Having a Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Pool Fence

If you look at the statistics laid out by Australian Safety Authorities, kids are more prone to injuries and even deaths at swimming pools that are not well-secured. Therefore, while getting a pool installed, it is very important for homeowners to make sure that their pools are safe all the time. Pool fencing is a great idea to ensure safety. At Perth Fencing Centre, we provide best quality of frameless pool fence for your pool safety.

Traditionally, the materials that are most popular in the construction of swimming pool fencing are wood and steel. However, installation of frameless glass pool fencing in Perth  is a very common trend these days. This is because this type of pool fencing offers homeowners a lot of advantages. Let’s have a look at some of them here:


The most obvious benefit of the frameless glass pool fencing is that it is an aesthetically pleasing option.,Apart from their visual appeal, they are safer than other opaque fence choices. Frameless glass pool fencing will blend beautifully with the surroundings of your swimming pool. As a result, your pool won’t look out of place or awkward when you install frameless glass fencing.

Effective Safety Barriers

Just like other pool fencing materials, glass fencing materials will also keep kids from getting into the pool on their own by acting as effective safety barriers. You don’t have to supervise the pool continuously to make sure that no one is getting in trouble.

No Gaps or Edges

With a frameless glass pool fence, there are negligible gaps or edges on the fencing material. Therefore, there are very less chances of kids getting hurt or getting stuck in the gaps of the fencing. This type of pool fencing can even be made on order and therefore, you can easily get glass pool fencing of the desired shape and size. You also have the option of getting them customized later on.

Tough Glass
The material used in frameless glass fencing is a custom-manufactured glass. This type of toughened glass material is highly durable and strong, with thickness normally ranging from 8mm to 10mm and 12mm. Hence, it is bound to last for a really long period of time, without making any difference when it comes to aesthetics.

Also, the frameless glass pool fencing is significantly easier to maintain, as compared to other pool fencing materials, for example metal, iron, chain links, etc. Metallic fencing will ultimately rust with time, wood will eventually rot or get infested with fungus. Such infestation is even likely to infect the pool and make it unhealthy for everyone. With frameless glass fencing, you don’t have to worry about anything like this.

Glass is very easy to clean and maintain, unlike other traditional pool fencing materials. You don’t have to think about getting your glass pool fencing repainted or even applying a water or rust-repellent in order to keep them in good shape.

With frameless glass pool fencing, there is absolutely no risk of infection or even contamination of the pool water.

These were some of the benefits of getting frameless glass pool fencing installed. Also, make sure that you hire a qualified and highly trained contractor to get the job done.

Have any question about powder coating?Contact us with your question. Perth Fencing Centre fencing and gate specialist will be happy to help. 

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Why use powder coating


What Is Powder Coating?

Aluminium Slats and Gate Powder coating is a finishing process where a colour or coating is applied to an unfinished part. A coloured powder is sprayed on the part using a magnetically charged spray gun. The coated part is then placed in an oven where the powder melts into an even, solid coat across the entire surface of the part. 

Why Use Powder Coating?

Powder coating has a number of advantage over traditional wet paint. A powder coated finish generally lasts longer and is more rugged than paint. Many common items like bicycle frames, wheel rims, aluminium slats and handrails are powder coated because it significantly reduces wear and tear.

Applying the powder and fixing mistakes are much easier. A typical training session to learn how to powder coat will only take a couple hours. And, since the powder has to be baked on to the part, if you notice any errors before curing, fixes are as easy as wiping the part down and spraying the part again. Wet paint touch-up work can take a long time and be very expensive – powder coating is cheaper to apply, costs less for training, and requires less time to master techniques.

Finally, powder coating is environmentally friendly. Combined with being cheaper to apply and easier to use, this is why many businesses have added powder coating to their offerings, and why the demand for powder coating is currently so high.

Advantages Of Powder Coating

Coating provides some tangible benefits over traditional wet paint finishing:

Powder Coating Provides A Better, More Durable Finish

If you have a part that has to hold up to a lot of handling  – or you just don’t want to constantly repaint it – powder coating is a much more durable finishing process that is highly resistant to scuffing , chipping and normal wear and tear. This is why handrails (the stair rails you see at bus stops and courthouses) are powder coated now instead of painted. Many different types of finishes are now available with powder coating than ever before and wide range of products can have their lifespans dramatically increased by switching to powder.

A Much Safer And Cleaner Process – For The Environment And You

If you are worried about the environmental impact of powder coating, set your mind at ease; powder coating is an eco-friendly alternative to wet paint. The powder used in powder coating is safe to handle and produces none of the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that wet paint does. Wet paint VOCs deplete ozone and contribute to air pollution – powder doesn’t. If you are working with powder, you won’t have to use chemical paint thinners to fix mistakes. And overspray – the left over powder – can be easily recycled or disposed of without a bunch of chemical treatment.

Cheaper & Easier To Use

With a little bit of training and practice, it’s very easy to apply a consistent coat of whatever thickness you want onto your part. This is due to the electrostatic charge of the powder. Mistakes are easy to fix before curing. If you plan on using a lot of the same color, the powder you use can be reclaimed. The process itself is usually faster than wet paint and can increase your productivity, and the cost to operate the equipment can be significantly less than other finishing processes. For a more in-depth breakdown on how powder coating can be cheaper to run than you think.

Have any question about powder coating?Contact us with your question. Perth Fencing Centre fencing and gate specialist will be happy to help. 

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Five Benefit of Security Fencing for Your Home


Perth Fencing Centre

If you’re on the fence, so to speak (ha ha), about shelling out for security fencing for your home or commercial property, wonder no more. There are a number of reasons why security fencing is ideal for your home, from the obvious security benefits to providing adequate privacy and vandal prevention, to adding an aesthetically pleasing barrier between your property and the outside world. With so many varieties on the market now, it can be difficult to make a choice on what kind of fence you should invest in, so we’ve done the hard work there for you too. Read on to find out more about why security fencing is the best thing for your home.


Usually, security fencing is installed on a property for two main reasons—to keep your home secure and to add a visually appealing element. We’ve gone a step further and come up with five brilliant benefits that will have you sure that a security fence is the best thing for your home.


This one is obvious, but it’s the most important one. Private homes definitely need security, especially if a home owner has a young family or valuable belongings to protect. Protecting your home against would-be thieves is probably the most important benefit of a security fence. A security fence is also an important part of a commercial property—with the premises being unoccupied for such long periods of time after staff go home for the night, commercial properties need outstanding security. Equipment, furniture, assets and even the building itself need to be protected at all times. Nothing can be more effective at providing security than effective fencing.

Security fences are a great way to ensure that your kids and pets stay safe and secure. The fence will provide them with a safe place to play, while protecting them from cars and other external dangers.


Vandalism is a growing problem for many people, both home owners and commercial property owners alike. Vandals can leave graffiti on a wall or damage the outside of a private property. Commercial properties or public buildings seem to be the most attractive to graffiti artists and vandals. The key aspect is positioning—if you choose the correct location to install your security fence it can make it almost impossible for a vandal to leave their mark. Used in this way, a security fence can be a great deterrent for vandals and graffiti artists.


While a security fence should ultimately provide a strong, reliable barrier between your property and the rest of the world, it can also improve the overall look and style of your home. This can result in an increase in value for your property, should you be looking to sell at any time in the future. To that end, security fencing comes in a wide variety of designs—from electric fences to fixed iron, aluminium or mesh (to name just a few). There is a range of colours as well, so you can choose a security fence that will best complement your home or that will update your existing style. The final decision on what kind of fence you need depends entirely on your security needs, your aesthetic preferences and your budget.


Have you ever opened a window only to notice a neighbour or someone outside watching you, your home or your family? It can be quite disconcerting and can make you think twice about opening your home up to light and fresh air on fine days. Having a solid barrier like a security fence prevents people from being able to peer into your home, from checking out your belongings, or from watching you and your family while you relax. It can mean that you’ll be able to open up your home without the rest of the world being able to peer in.


A security fence can also add a barrier against bad weather. When it comes to strong wind, rain or hail, a solid security fence can protect your home from severe damage. Of course, it all depends on the type of fence and where you position it, but either way you’re looking at an added layer of weather protection your home or commercial property otherwise wouldn’t have.

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How to Clean and Maintain Aluminium Fencing


aluminium fencing Perth Fencing Centre

One of the biggest reasons aluminium fencing is the most popular fencing option that we sell here at Perth Fencing Centre is because they require virtually no upkeep.  Once your aluminium fence is installed many homeowners choose to set and forget, with the confidence their fence will stand strong and proud into the future without needing any extra care.

However, with that said there are some quick and steps you can take to keep a top notch appearance of your fence, and maintain the best possible condition for decades to come. We explain these fuss free fencing cleaning and maintenance tips in this post.


Part of what makes an aluminium fence virtually maintenance free is the powder coated finish which provides tough protection and no upkeep. Depending on the climate conditions and if there is low rainfall, or you live close to heavily industrial, coastal, or dusty areas, the surface can benefit from some periodic cleaning.

Here’s how to clean your aluminium fence:


1.    Spraying with a hose will remove most dirt, dust and residue. We recommend this for aluminium fence owners in coastal areas to remove abrasive salts which can accumulate over time.

2.     For more stubborn residue use a mild detergent wipe a cloth along the fence railings in warm soapy water. Do not use coarse sponges, brushes or solvents to clean the fence as this can scratch or dissolve the powder coated finish.


For some fence owners the brightness of the paintwork may become dull over time. While this is normal to a point from natural weathering effects, if this is a concern following the cleaning steps above can help to brighten fence panels.

Over time the natural aging process of the aluminium powder coat may involve some oxidisation, leaving a light chalky powder that forms on the surface – this can be more prevalent in areas of the fence which receive direct and consistent sunlight. To bring back the shine, rubbing car wax coated along fence railings will brighten the fence paintwork and provide some future protection against the elements.

Not all of these measures are 100 per cent necessary with aluminium fencing since unlike timber and wrought iron, aluminium fences are extremely maintenance and fuss free. However, at PFC we do understand how much pride people take in their fences in Perth, and if you’re lucky enough to have aluminium fencing, these measures will ensure you fence looks fantastic into the future!

Contact with Perth Fencing Centre fencing expert for more details.

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9 Benefits to Installing an Aluminium Fence


Aluminium Fence - Perth Fencing Centre

Aluminium fence is a common option for many fence applications but what are its benefits? The following is a list reasons why aluminium fencing is a perfect choice for your next fencing project.

1. Affordability
With aluminium fencing, you get the same great look as iron, just for a much better price (especially when you take our price guarantee into account).

2. No Rust
Unlike iron, aluminium doesn’t rust. This means it will keep its beautiful look much longer despite any harsh weather conditions.

3. Low Maintenance
In addition to it not rusting, aluminium fencing doesn’t need to be repainted every few years and it can easily be replaced when needed.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing
Similar to iron, aluminium fences provide a classic look to any home or design aesthetic without blocking your view. Weatherables offers a variety of styles to help you find the best fit for your vision.

5. Security
As a good fence should, aluminium fencing adds another level of security to your home and yard (which is why an aluminium pool fence is a great choice). And, unlike chain-link fences, aluminium fences can’t be cut to gain entry. These aluminium fences also won’t easily fall apart over time like wood.

6. Versatility
Aluminium fencing can easily be adjusted to fit your landscape, meaning you can use it on flat or sloped surfaces without worrying about having ugly gaps or transitions.

7. Durability
Aluminium fences won’t rust, rot or be damaged by the sun; these durable fences are able to withstand the elements with ease (especially one from Weatherables, since we use the most durable materials in the industry).

8. Simple Assembly
These fences are easy to assemble and require no special training or tools. We also offer installation videos to help you through the process.

9. Lifetime Warranty
As with all of our products, our aluminium fencing is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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