Benefits of Having a Frameless Glass Pool Fence

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Benefits of Having a Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Pool Fence

If you look at the statistics laid out by Australian Safety Authorities, kids are more prone to injuries and even deaths at swimming pools that are not well-secured. Therefore, while getting a pool installed, it is very important for homeowners to make sure that their pools are safe all the time. Pool fencing is a great idea to ensure safety. At Perth Fencing Centre, we provide best quality of frameless pool fence for your pool safety.

Traditionally, the materials that are most popular in the construction of swimming pool fencing are wood and steel. However, installation of frameless glass pool fencing in Perth  is a very common trend these days. This is because this type of pool fencing offers homeowners a lot of advantages. Let’s have a look at some of them here:


The most obvious benefit of the frameless glass pool fencing is that it is an aesthetically pleasing option.,Apart from their visual appeal, they are safer than other opaque fence choices. Frameless glass pool fencing will blend beautifully with the surroundings of your swimming pool. As a result, your pool won’t look out of place or awkward when you install frameless glass fencing.

Effective Safety Barriers

Just like other pool fencing materials, glass fencing materials will also keep kids from getting into the pool on their own by acting as effective safety barriers. You don’t have to supervise the pool continuously to make sure that no one is getting in trouble.

No Gaps or Edges

With a frameless glass pool fence, there are negligible gaps or edges on the fencing material. Therefore, there are very less chances of kids getting hurt or getting stuck in the gaps of the fencing. This type of pool fencing can even be made on order and therefore, you can easily get glass pool fencing of the desired shape and size. You also have the option of getting them customized later on.

Tough Glass
The material used in frameless glass fencing is a custom-manufactured glass. This type of toughened glass material is highly durable and strong, with thickness normally ranging from 8mm to 10mm and 12mm. Hence, it is bound to last for a really long period of time, without making any difference when it comes to aesthetics.

Also, the frameless glass pool fencing is significantly easier to maintain, as compared to other pool fencing materials, for example metal, iron, chain links, etc. Metallic fencing will ultimately rust with time, wood will eventually rot or get infested with fungus. Such infestation is even likely to infect the pool and make it unhealthy for everyone. With frameless glass fencing, you don’t have to worry about anything like this.

Glass is very easy to clean and maintain, unlike other traditional pool fencing materials. You don’t have to think about getting your glass pool fencing repainted or even applying a water or rust-repellent in order to keep them in good shape.

With frameless glass pool fencing, there is absolutely no risk of infection or even contamination of the pool water.

These were some of the benefits of getting frameless glass pool fencing installed. Also, make sure that you hire a qualified and highly trained contractor to get the job done.

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