9 Benefits to Installing an Aluminium Fence

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9 Benefits to Installing an Aluminium Fence


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Aluminium fence is a common option for many fence applications but what are its benefits? The following is a list reasons why aluminium fencing is a perfect choice for your next fencing project.

1. Affordability
With aluminium fencing, you get the same great look as iron, just for a much better price (especially when you take our price guarantee into account).

2. No Rust
Unlike iron, aluminium doesn’t rust. This means it will keep its beautiful look much longer despite any harsh weather conditions.

3. Low Maintenance
In addition to it not rusting, aluminium fencing doesn’t need to be repainted every few years and it can easily be replaced when needed.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing
Similar to iron, aluminium fences provide a classic look to any home or design aesthetic without blocking your view. Weatherables offers a variety of styles to help you find the best fit for your vision.

5. Security
As a good fence should, aluminium fencing adds another level of security to your home and yard (which is why an aluminium pool fence is a great choice). And, unlike chain-link fences, aluminium fences can’t be cut to gain entry. These aluminium fences also won’t easily fall apart over time like wood.

6. Versatility
Aluminium fencing can easily be adjusted to fit your landscape, meaning you can use it on flat or sloped surfaces without worrying about having ugly gaps or transitions.

7. Durability
Aluminium fences won’t rust, rot or be damaged by the sun; these durable fences are able to withstand the elements with ease (especially one from Weatherables, since we use the most durable materials in the industry).

8. Simple Assembly
These fences are easy to assemble and require no special training or tools. We also offer installation videos to help you through the process.

9. Lifetime Warranty
As with all of our products, our aluminium fencing is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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